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FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE LASTING. Remember that, while most people will look at your home during open house hours and scheduled showings, many home shoppers drive around and look at houses throughout the week. Make sure the approach to your home is clean, free of refuse and walkways swept. The lawn should be trimmed and edged and the front door and entry fresh, clean and scrubbed looking. Flowers and shrubs around the house are especially inviting.

SIMPLE DECORATING FOR QUICKER SALE. Before you show your home, a quick coat of paint on faded, worn walls, woodwork and cabinets can make a huge difference. Keep to light, neutral colors. Avoid wallpaper. If you have wood floors, expose them unless your carpet is new and make sure they are polished and bright looking.

MAKE MINOR REPAIRS. Fix dripping faucets, loose knobs, warped or sticking doors and windows, broken gates, etc.

UNCLUTTER ROOMS. Remove excess furniture and "decorations" - or move it to a bare room that can use some added pieces. Move clutter off stairs (for safety and appearance) and put anything away that doesn't belong on display or is of unusual value. Uncluttered rooms are more able to reveal their size.

ORGANIZE CLOSETS. Closet space is important to buyers and neat, orderly closets make the space appear more functional.

DECORATE WITH PLANTS. Green plants and flowers warm up a home. Strategically placed plants can even stand in for artwork or sparse furnishings.

SPARKLING KITCHEN AND BATHROOMS. Make sure caulking around sinks, tub and shower is in good repair and that surfaces are clean and free of mildew and soap film. Scrub and polish - if kitchen and bathrooms are clean, the whole house seems cleaner.

WHEN YOU HAVE AN OPEN HOUSE OR SHOWING . . . LOOK BRIGHT. Open curtains, blinds and window shades to allow the maximum amount of light into all the rooms. Turn on lights in dark corners. Light makes small rooms seem larger and the house more cheerful.

NIGHT LIGHT. If your home is to be shown in the evening, turn on all of the outside and inside lights to make your home feel cozy and safe.

FRESH AIR. If you have house pets, it's a good idea to air out your home before viewings. You may be used to or unaware of pet odors, but buyers may be sensitive to or offended by them.

LAST MINUTE. Be sure beds are made and clothing, laundry, dishes, papers, toys, etc. are put away. On all but the hottest days, a fire in the fireplace creates a warm glow.

AVOID DISTRACTIONS. Television, loud music, friends, family and pets all create distractions to the viewer, which might rush them through your house. Soft, mellow music can create a comfortable atmosphere, but should never interfere with conversation.

THREE'S A CROWD. It's preferable that owners be away from their home for showings and open houses. Potential buyers want to inspect your home and will feel less hurried and free to express their likes, dislikes, price, etc. with their agent.

CAUTION TO THE SELLER: Show your home only by appointment through ourselves. If strangers come to the door wanting a viewing without a prior appointment, give them our business card and request that they contact us for an appointment. For the safety of your home and family, do not let strangers into your home, even if they seem like "good prospects".