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From Evelyn

My husband and I felt ready to purchase a house. We gave her our desires (she was extremely thorough in her clarification of what EXACTLY we wanted. My husband kept saying... "we won't settle".) and she began searching. Carol not only found us some great possibilities... she found us our home, all of which was done in 8 (EIGHT) days (from clarification, to acceptance of our bid)!!!!

We made an offer, it was countered, we wrangled a bit, to ultimate acceptance. Our home just happens to be the first home this wondrous woman showed us.

If you want a house, get a Realtor. If you want the Home you are meant to have, check out the Realtor who can help your Dreams Grow. She truly has your best interests as her focus.

This Yule morning, sitting in the back yard, the air is crisp ... the land preparing to sleep. I heard rustling coming from the south side of our home. Hmmmm, what is that? I thought. The leaves on our Mulberry trees are giving up their hold and falling to the ground. I never knew how loud they can be until today.

Magic is woven around and through our home, and we have this particular home thanks to one woman... Carol.

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From Susan

Dear Carol,

This is just a note to say thanks for all your help with all the little things that pop up with buying a house. The unpacking is mostly done, and I am feeling more at home with every day that goes by.

Thank You.


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From Pat

Dear Carol,

Finally got settled in, so I thought I'd send a note thanking you again for your help and expertise in Real Estate in seeing me through my first home purchase. Please stop in when you're in the neighborhood.

Thank You.

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From Nancy

Dear Carol,

I received the house proceeds check yesterday. It feels really good to know that the transaction is finally complete and both Sue and Al as well as Ed and I can get on with our lives. Now I can focus fully on my life here.

Thanks again for all your help, it all just re affirms that I did the right thing by not trying to do it by myself. Keep In touch and we'll look forward to a visit if you both are ever up this way.

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From Karl & Sharon


We want to thank you for all the extra you did to help us get our new home. You went out of your way to help us throu all this. We apreciate all so very much. You are a super lady, we hope we can always be friends. Ever need us, just call.

Thank you again for all you did for us.


Your new friends
Karl & Sharon

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